Alternating CaseTransfroms the text into aLtErNaTiNg cAsEInstall
AmazonSearch on AmazonInstall
AppendAppends the selected text to the clipboardInstall
AppShopperSearch on AppShopperInstall
BaiduSearch on BaiduInstall
BearCreate note in bearInstall
BingSearch with BingInstall
Bing TranslatorTranslate text with Bing TranslatorInstall
Booking.comSearch on Booking.comInstall
BracesAdd braces around the selected textInstall
BracketsAdd brackets around the selected textInstall
Brave SearchSearch with BraveInstall
CalculateCalculates result if selected text is an simple equationInstall
Calendar EventCreates event in your calendar AppInstall
CallCalls a number with the default Call AppInstall
CamelCamelCamelSearch on CamelCamelCamelInstall
Character countCounts the characters of the textInstall
ChromeOpen links in Google ChromeInstall
Color ConverterConvert colors between formatsInstall
Comma to ListConverts a comma seperated list into new line list an viceversaInstall
CraiglistSearch on CraigslistInstall
Currrency converter 2Converts foreign currency into your currencyInstall
Decode Base64Decodes a Base64 StringInstall
DeeplTranslate with DeeplInstall
DeleteTries to delete the text. Only works in editable textfields.Install
DictionaryLook up in dictionary and show resultInstall
DOISearch on doi.orgInstall
DuckDuckGoGoSearch with DuckDuckGoGoInstall
EbaySearch on EbayInstall
EdgeOpen link in Edge browserInstall
Email ToSend text to selected email adressInstall
EnterPress Enter KeyInstall
EtsySearch on EtsyInstall
EvernoteAdd new Evernote (requires Desktop App)Install
EverythingSearch with EverythingInstall
FacebookPost link on FacebookInstall
FirefoxOpen link in Firefox browserInstall
Full/Half WidthConvert between full width and half width forms of Chinese, Japanese and KoreanInstall
Google ImagesSearch on Google ImagesInstall
Google MapsSearch on Google MapsInstall
Google ScholarSearch on Google ScholarInstall
Google TranslateTranslate text with GoogleInstall
HexDec ConverterHexadecimal to Decimal ConverterInstall
IMDBSearch on IMDBInstall
InstagramSearch for hashtags on instagramInstall
Instant WikiInstantly show first Wiki entry for textInstall
Internet ExplorerOpen link in Internet ExplorerInstall
JDSearch for items on JD.comInstall
LinkedInShare the selected link on LinkedInInstall
Locate IPShow the location of an IP adress or hostnameInstall
LowercaseTransform text to lowercase lettersInstall
Markdown HighlightConvert to ==Text==Install
Markdown UnderlineConvert to ***Text***Install
Microsoft WordCreate new Word document with textInstall
NaverSearch on Naver.comInstall
NetflixSearch on NetflixInstall
NotepadCreate new note in notepad with textInstall
Notepad++Create new note in notepad++ with textInstall
OperaOpen link in Opera browserInstall
ParenthesesAdd parentheses around the selected textInstall
Paste Plain TextPastes clipboardtext without formatInstall
Periods to SpacesReplaces periods with spacesInstall
Ping IpPing Ip in CmdInstall
PinterestPin the selected link to PinterestInstall
Pinterest SearchSearch on PinterestInstall
Print the selected text to the default printer.
PubMedSearch on PubMedInstall
QTranslateTranslate with QTranslate (QTranslate needs to be installed)Install
QuotesAdd quotes around the selected textInstall
RedditSearch on redditInstall
Remove BlanksRemoves blanks from textInstall
Remove Line BreaksRemoves Line Breaks and copies textInstall
Remove Line Breaks (No Paste)Removes Line Breaks and copies text onlyInstall
Reverse TextReverses the selected text and copies itInstall
ReversoTranslate with Reverso (by @ioniacob)Install
Rotten TomatoesSearch on rottentomatoes.comInstall
Run in CmdOpen new Cmd Window and run textInstall
Run in PowershellRun text in new Powershell WindowInstall
Run PythonRun Python Code (Python must be installed, Credits to danila)Install
SalesforceSearch on SalesforceInstall
SaySay the text out loudInstall
Search WindowsSearches using the Windows Start MenuInstall
Select AllSelect all TextInstall
Send EmailCreate new email with textInstall
Sentence CaseTransfroms the text into Sentence CaseInstall
Shorten LinkShorten link using or v.gdInstall
SkypeCall the number with skypeInstall
SlugifyReplace spaces between words with hyphens, remove anything that is not a letter or number, and downcase.Install
SocialbladeSearch on socialblade.comInstall
Spaces to PeriodsReplaces spaces with periodsInstall
SpotifySearch on SpotifyInstall
StartpageSearch on startpage.comInstall
Sticky NotesCreate new Sticky Note (Windows Store App required)Install
SublimeCreate new file in sublimeInstall
TaoBaoSearch on TaoBaoInstall
TelnetRun telnet command in cmdInstall
TitlecaseTransform words to titlecaseInstall
TodoistAdd new Task to TodoistInstall
TrelloAdd new Trelllo CardInstall
TweetTweet selected textInstall
Twitter SearchSearch on TwitterInstall
Unit ConverterConverts mass, length, area, volume, temperature and digital constantsInstall
UppercaseTransform text to uppercase lettersInstall
Urban DictionarySearch on urbandictionary.comInstall
VivaldiOpen Url in Vivaldi BrowserInstall
WikipediaSearch on WikipediaInstall
Wolfram AlphaSearch on Wolfram AlphaInstall
Word CountCount the words in the selected textInstall
WorldcatSearch on worldcat.orgInstall
WoxOpen text in Wox (Windows omni-eXecutor)Install
WunderlistAdd new task to WunderlistInstall
XingSearch on XingInstall
YoutubeSeach on YoutubeInstall