Select a text in any application and SnipDo pops up to help you


An extension I am using is not working.

If you think an extension you are using is not working properly, first try resetting the extension in the settings menu. If that doesnt help, try uninstalling and reinstalling the extension. Feel free to contact us if all these methods did not help.

How can I reorder, delete and manage my extensions?

Cou can manage the extensions by clicking the blue dots button in the Pantherbar or the panther icon in the Windows tray. To reorder the items just drag and drop them. To reset the extension click the reset button on the right. Uninstall them with the trash button.

I would like to have an extension for “XY”.

If you dont find an extension in the library you really would love to have, contact us with more details. The more people are interested in a specific extension, the more likely it is the we will build it.

Is there a version of SnipDo for macOS?

SnipDo was inspired by a macOS app called PopClip. You can get it on the macOS Appstore or on

SnipDo does not show up in a specific application.

In some applications SnipDo may not work because of Windows limitations. This is something that is unavoidable. Feel free to contact us with specific details about the application in question.

SnipDo makes an other program unusable/interferes with it.

You can exclude SnipDofrom specific applications. Go to the exclusion settings by clicking the blue dots in the bar, or by clicking the icon in the Windows system tray.

Where is Pantherbar?

I am a single developer putting a lot of work in this application. To keep the project going I had to change the payment model of the App. PantherBar Pro users get free years for SnipDo, I hope you understand, I think that is fair for all of us. Pantherbar is now longer maitained and can no longer be downloaded.


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